Topic Tables Luncheon

Thursday, November 6, 2014 | 11:45 AM – 1:00 PM

The MEMS Executive Congress US 2014 “Topic Table” networking lunch provides a relaxed setting for attendees to share their knowledge and insights on the most relevant topics in MEMS commercialization today.  By signing up for Thursday’s “Topic Table” lunch session, you can join this unique, intimate setting to  discuss, debate, and share knowledge on pre-selected hot topics in the MEMS industry.  Each table will be chaired by industry experts who will help guide and facilitate these focused gatherings of like-minded professionals. This year, we encourage you to maximize your time by joining more than one topic table.  You will have the option to  register for two separate topic table discussions. Your first choice, will take place during the first half of lunch and then you will move to the table of your second choice during dessert!

Please note: Topic Tables are limited to only 12 attendees per table; registration is on a first come, first serve registration basis.

Join a Topic Table

If you are interested in joining a topic table, please indicate so during registration.  The option to not participate in a topic table is also available.

Available Topic Tables

MEMS Standardization

Taking Back the Valley for Silicon

Value-added Silicon Substrates as an Enabler for MEMS & Sensors

Pre Competitive Collaboration in MEMS

Designing Wearable Technology for Maximum Flexibility, Performance and Power Efficiency

From Lab to Fab: The Value of Partnering to Develop New Equipment and Processes

Sensor Hubs: The Secret to MEMS Navigation Solutions